Why Us?

 No additional cost for running the payroll.
No enrollment cost.
 No advertising cost.
 No need to give a raise in pay, since we work as per contract.
 Any incentive required is to be given through our agency.
  Production costs are reduced.
 Health coverage costs are eliminated. If required, we can plan for a cost efficient coverage.
 Number of employees engaged in work is kept as per production requirements.
  No layoff and recalls
 Record of Employment (ROE) is prepared and issued by our agency.

How it Works?

1. A request for placement is made by the client.

2. Our agency then searches for suitable candidates in our existing database, if we are unable to find a suitable match we then perform additional recruiting.

3. Once an employee has been hired he/she is then provided with a detailed outline of the job which would include the role they are required to carry out, daily duties, hours or work per day, responsibilities and any other information that may be relevant to their job.

4. For the first day of work, our agency confirms the employee’s arrival at the workplace.

5. We perform a follow-up a week after the placement to make sure that our client is satisfied with the employee.