Our dedicated team provides fast, high-quality services meeting the total satisfaction of our clients.

SkyLark Employment is committed and strongly believes in client for life relationships, and so has a dedicated team which works in providing fast, high-quality services meeting the total satisfaction of our clients.
  • Skilled and semi-skilled workers
  • Forklift Operators
  • Loading and Unloading Workers
  • Shippers/Receivers
  • Order Pick-ups
  • Packaging Workers / Assembly Line Workers
  • Machine Operators
  • Health Care Providers

Professional Services


We believe in developing a close professional relationship with our clients so that we can deliver the best possible solutions to them. We give the utmost consideration to quality, punctuality and cost while providing our clients with the employees best fit for the job. Through the years we have built a positive reputation among our clientele as a reliable organization, as we fulfil every expectation of our clients and accept any challenges put in our way.

Client Customer Services

We have an efficient and a dedicated team working around the clock to ensure that our clients do not run into unwanted issues, we are available 24/7 over the phone. We have a quick response team to solve any concerns our clients might have, and to respond to any replacement issues over the phone.

Criminal Background Check

As we strongly believe and value the security and safety of our clients, we offer criminal background checks done by appropriate authority when requested by our clients. Only those with a clean criminal record will proceed to placement.

Additional Requirements

Apart from the regular orders we receive we are always willing to accommodate any additional services our clients may require of us.


Our agency offers transportation; we have vans and drivers available for transporting employees to and from the workplace.


We accommodate replacements when requested by our clients. We understand that efficiency is integral for any workplace and so if our client feels that the employee is inefficient, unsuitable for the job and or has deteriorating health conditions, they can request for a replacement within two hours from the shift start time. Once we receive the request we will work to ensure that the client receives a replacement within two hours after the request was received. The client will not be charged to the number of hours worked by a person who is found unsuitable for the job.


We understand that punctuality is the key to a successful business, keeping that in mind our drivers are instructed to drop off employees at least 15 minutes before their shift starts. This leaves no room for any errors.


Flexibility and Staffing Solutions

Our agency understands the critical components for a company’s success, and offer both temporary and permanent hiring.


This system of hiring can help the company to fill in the targeted areas of productivity when needed. Temporary hiring allows the company to manage the workforce under dynamic changes and shifting needs of the company. It allows the company to accumulate maximum results without the expenses a full-time employee poses. It also reduces recruitment costs, because we manage employment recruitment which saves our clients time and money and allows them to focus on their business. Our clients also save on overtime pay because overtime costs can be maintained during peak production time by hiring temporary staff to work short hours or only during time of peak production.


Looking for new people to add onto your staff does not have to be nerve-racking, that is why we do the stressful job for you. We accept permanent hiring requests from our clients, for any employee found suitable after the completion of 640 hours (this is flexible). This system of hiring provides the company with a reliable and a motivated employee.